Let Produit Intérieur Brut light up your interior design life!

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any home, and whilst PIB Home has a massive range of chairs, stools, tables, sideboards, shelves and more, it certainly hasn’t neglected to cater to this need. In keeping with the industrial theme of much of the website’s products, there’s a whole section devoted to industrial lighting at http://www.pib-home.co.uk/industrial/en/lighting-industrialamp.

Urban shabby chic décor

Source: http://www.pib-home.co.uk

Whilst this may conjure up images of harsh fluorescent strip lighting, neon tubes and flickering hurricane lamps, there’s actually much to be said for the practicality and solidity of these kinds of designs. Moreover, their metal construction can really complement other metal elements in your home, like factory-worker style chairs and tables.

In similar vein, you can give your house something of a tenement interior décor makeover by checking out what’s available in PIB Home’s shabby chic décor section. This involves the use of fabric and wood to soften the rougher edges of the industrial/factory look and to generate a general atmosphere of tranquillity and coziness. The white table and floral wallpaper pictured below should give you some design ideas.